June 28, 2010

Classics HD?

After reading that Sony may be considering more HD remakes of classic PS2 games, I can't help but think of the possibilities. There are some obvious choices for the HD treatment like the Metal Gear Solid series, Ico/Shadow of the Colossus, or Devil May Cry. So what I'd like to do is share a couple of my other favorite PS2 series.

The Mark of Kri/Rise of Kisai - Both of these games had an interesting art style and some innovative controls. I remember you could use the right analog to paint targets around you with the face buttons which you would then press to attack each enemy. I also liked that the heroes and mythology weren't typical, rather, they seemed inspired from Polynesian or Maori cultures.

The Getaway/The Getaway: Black Monday - While I've not ever been a fan of the GTA games, The Getaway series caught my eye not only because they looked great but also because the games had an outstanding presentation. The cut scenes and voice acting easily outshines a majority of games in the gangstar genre. These games really captured the feel of old school, gritty British crime thrillers.

I think either of these collections deserve a second chance with revamped graphics and modernized control schemes. Each innovated in their own time and I imagine they could work well with Move support as they both have melee and shooting mechanics in their gameplay. Also I think these games represent the spirit of the PS2 and how Sony sometimes took chances with new franchises. Hopefully they are among the titles being considered in a new collection of Classics HD.