July 26, 2015

Episode 27: DooMed Dogs

In this episode Steve and Jake discuss Iwata's passing and other gaming news, DooM 1 & 2, Heretic, Hexen, Batman Arkham Knight, Watch_Dogs, and inFamous Second Son.  We also revisit our discussion about the emotional impact of games.

Links to items from the podcast:

Gravitation on SourceForge

Doom 4 Trailer with old Doom sounds


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July 7, 2015

Episode 26: Arkham Knight and E3

This episode is all about Batman and E3.   We talk about the new game, and give our thoughts on E3.

As mentioned in the cast:

Report: Nintendo NX release planned for July 2016

Batman: Arkham Knight - Batmobile Race: Mental Blocked

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