December 9, 2009

Mega Man returns

Looks like Capcom will to recapture the success of Mega Man 9, which, in turn was attempting to recapture the early success (frustration, anger and difficulty?) of the NES Mega Man games. The latest issue of Nintendo Power reveals a new Mega Man game, Mega Man 10.

This version will be a bit more user friendly than 9 as it has an Easy Mode (which is assume will be similar to the Easy Modes available on the Mega Man Collections on the Xbox, PS2, and GC.

Obviously it will be on the Wii, via WiiWare, but there's no other word on the other platforms. One would assume that since Mega Man 9 was available on all three major consoles, 10 will be as well, unless, of course, Nintendo worked in conjunction with Capcom to 'bring the series home.' That would a nice move assuming that Nintendo actually pulls that off.

Regardless, it's nice to see Mega Man returning once again.

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