March 29, 2010

Netflix on Wii

When Netflix announced it was coming to Wii, I figured I'd request the disc just to see what the quality was like and to give the kiddos a way to stream all the episodes of Spongebob they wanted.

On Friday the disc arrived so I set it up for them and took a look at it. The UI is almost identical to that of the PS3 version except for a few minor differences. Instead of tabs across the top to scroll through you just page up and down the various categories. The UI seemed to load cover art and descriptions much faster than the PS3 but slower than the 360. Just a note, both my PS3 and Wii are on wireless connections.

I decided to sample the video quality on several movies and shows I had already seen on the 360/PS3 versions. The video loaded up fairly quickly, much faster than on PS3 and about on par with 360. I wasn't expecting to be blown away by the visuals, but, I have to say that the SD content on a CRT was pretty good. It was equal to watching digital cable, I thought.

Overall, I think it turned out well and would recommend it to any Wii owner with a Netflix account.


  1. So if you were going to choose a platform to use Netflix on what would it be? PS3, 360, or Wii?

  2. Well if my XBL account is Gold, then I'd say 360. Out of the free versions, I'd go with PS3 for its HD capability.