April 25, 2010

DuncanR2N's Weekend Thoughts Vol. XI: I don't want 3D

3D is upon us, and apparently consumers are eating it up. Or at least, we are eating it up because we're told to. I'm not all that impressed with 3D, and yes I saw Avatar in 3D and I still think it's not as revolutionary as the media purveyors would have you think.

For me, gameplay is king, it always has been, and this would be why I still play 'older' games. Graphics are icing and while I can appreciate nice graphics, they do not make a game good. 3D is simply a different presentation. However, unlike every other advance in graphics, I'm not required to wear a second set of spectacles (as I already have glasses) when I play a game or watch a movie.

I think 3D works to a certain extent in movie theaters because I walk in, get my glasses and only have to deal with them for a couple of hours. When the experience is finished, my 3D specs come off.

In the home it's quite different. First off, I'm much more likely to get interrupted while playing a game or watching a movie. Not a huge factor but that means the glasses are going off and on while I switch from reality to virtual. Second, I'm usually in it for longer. Depending on the game, you're looking at least a 15 hour investment, if not more that you've got the extra specs on. Third, they don't change the gameplay. One might think that having 3D might enhance the gameplay, but I don't think it really does. You are still playing the game from a fixed camera point. It's not like the image changes based on your head movement. Fourth, what about my existing investment? You're telling me that my current TV can't play it? My TV is only 2 years old, and I'm not about to replace it for a gimmick. So, I've got to buy a new TV and I've got to buy a bunch of glasses? Okay fine, that means that I've got to buy at least 5 pairs (one for each member of the family). Not a problem, that'll only run me $665. That's also assuming that you'll never have anyone else over to watch.

I see this going the way of the LaserDisc, something that only the hardcore videophiles will want.


  1. I can't say I disagree with any of your thoughts on this subject. While the use of polygons in games did change how games were played in a big way, but I can't see this changing anything in videogames.

  2. 3D almost made me quit gaming back in 96... and I for one think the re-hash of a 40 year old fad (3D) is rather silly.

    also, I strongly dislike CG movies... and movies that were once good that get CG added to them...


  3. While 3D is just a gimmick at the moment, in a few years it may be more viable once we get 3D capable sets that don't require glasses.

    We'll get a taste of this tech next year once the 3DS drops. After that, I'll be able to make a more informed choice.

    Just remember, in the beginning we didn't have dual analogs, force feedback, surround sound, hd visuals, or the integrated online features we've come to expect.