May 10, 2010

Abstergo is looking for recruits...

I got an interesting email today from none other than Dr. Warren Vidic of Abstergo Industries. It appears that they are looking for new recruits to bring about their New World Order. A visit to the website shows several weapons, an axe, a claw (fashioned a prosthetic arm), a dagger, a fan (with a nasty cutting edge), a syringe, and a dagger.

After some poking around and click on some symbols, I was treated to an image a new weapon, the switch blade. Perhaps the Templar answer to Assassin's hidden blade?

Dr. Vidic appears to have some knowledge of forthcoming events. A few days ago he showed up on Facebook stating:

An offering to you who welcome a new dawn of man. Take this image and answer our call. A great battle looms to finish the past and begin the future. Stand ready to serve. We will send for you soon. -Dr. Vidic

And then just a few hours ago:

Join us... and see a new era rise. -Dr. Vidic

My curiosity? Consider it piqued.

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