December 9, 2014

Episode 11: Moving to the Next (Current?) Gen

In this episode we discuss the new announcements and vids from The Game Awards and the PlayStation Experience.   We also discuss the PS4 impressions and Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Stuff we discussed:

A Month-Long Race To See Who Can Finish 21 Final Fantasy Games First
The PlayStation 20th Anniversary Theme Brings Back A Familiar Sound
The next major Assassin's Creed is set in Victorian London
They took the original announce trailer for Street Fighter V down so there's this instead:
Street Fighter V PS4/PC Exclusive
Adrift - The First Person Experience
No Mans Sky
Uncharted 4 Gameplay Trailer

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  1. I just learned of your podcast and this was the first episode I have listened to. Fun listen and will be back for more.

    I agree that the PS4 controller touch pad is the most significant controller addition since dual analog sticks. I feel the fact that it is a button as well as being able to have functions also assigned to swiping in different directions adds a lot of extra input potential. The best uses will be the subtle ones and not overt ones like being able to swipe in a cardinal direction to use one of the suit powers in Warframe.

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