May 15, 2015

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD: Boss Fight: Vajra

I recorded this fight a little bit ago cause I really like this boss in Type-0.   Vajra was harassing you through much of the level so it was nice to finally get to the end of the level and face-off against it.   The other interesting thing was the boss is very reminiscent of the very first boss fight in Final Fantasy VII again the Scorpion.

Guard Scorpion from Final Fantasy VII
I used Cater as she can quickly move around the field and has really good range.   Only bad thing was that for this battle I had equipped the wrong abilities for her, the Hawkeye ability was essentially useless as Vajra moved much too quickly and also seemed immune to the Debuff Shot.   Not a big deal, though.   Once she took enough damage it she would go to recharge and when the breakshot icon pops you just need to hit her hard to interrupt the recharge (notice that I wait on the second recharge to let my gun charge build).  Once she drops down you'll get multiple breakshot opportunities to really bring her health down.   Overall, it's not a hard battle, but it is fun.

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