February 29, 2016

Episode 39: Harpoon Mechanics in a Postapocalyptic World

Jake give us a update on Paper Mario and compares and contrasts Super Paper Mario with the previous entries.  Steve talks more about his LEGO run and focuses on LEGO Indiana Jones 2 and goes into detail about his time with Mad Max.   We also get a brief glimpse of Steve's Everybody's Gone to the Rapture impressions before we dive into news, listener responses to our last podcast and this weeks GV 10 List, Reasons Why Physical Media is better than Digital.


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  1. I tend to forget that there was a 2nd Lego Indiana Jones game. That one and the Hobbit game are the only two I can think of that I haven't played (currently in the middle of Lego Avengers). I think Lego Marvel Super Heroes has been one of the best installments they've done in recent years. Also I found the Lego Star Wars 3 game on PSP was better than on the Wii (I never tried it on other platforms).

    Mad Max: I recently beat the story missions and despite a couple frustrating moments I enjoyed it. I think people glossed over it as a competent clone of Shadow of Mordor. But I've played Shadow of Mordor and I enjoyed Mad Max a lot more. I may just be more interested in the world of Mad Max, but I found the mission types, and activities to complete, and the combat, to just be more fun.

    I could not get into the earlier Resident Evil games, and it was in large part because of the controls. That of course all changed when I played RE4 which, as most people did, thought was great.

    I've only played Assassin's Creed 2, and I wasn't a big fan of it. It was okay, but I wasn't motivated to play it, and had no interest in going back once I got through the story missions.

    Niche: I'm going to continue to say "knee-sh"

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