April 12, 2016

Episode 41: Are Linear Games Bad?

In this episode Jake gives us an update on Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam and Steve updates us on Mad Max, The Witness, Halo Wars, Halo: Reach, Ryse and his impressions of the Xbox One.

We also discuss some news and in our final topic we discuss linear games and a new GV10List of great games that linear.


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  1. Batman V Superman - I didn't care about the changing of the characters, and I thought both Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck did fine jobs. I do think the first 2/3rds are poorly edited, and as a result poorly paced, and the Lex Luthor character is just horrible. It's not that he's the son of Lex, not Lex Sr., it's not that his character is different than what I would have hoped for, it's just that he comes off as annoying and I cannot take him seriously as a threat. I don't know if this is the fault of Eisenberg's acting or Snyder's decision making though. If anything redeems the film, it's the 3rd act, in part due to how great Wonder Woman is in, and despite another somewhat boring nemesis that they have to face off against.

    Mad Max - I'm not sure if you saw on Backloggery, but I've wrapped up my time with that one. As mentioned before, I enjoyed the game and think it's a great release from last year, but at this point I've done all the things I'm motivated to do in it. Basically all I have left to do is raid the remaining loot sites and complete the races. I'm going to pass on both.

    Halo - I've never own any of the Xboxes, and I've never played a Halo game. I did see that the Day of the Tentacle re-master gave that option to go back and forth between new and old graphics, and that was a fun feature.

    Favourite racer - Mine is Jak X Combat Racing. I tend to lean more towards racers that don't try to have many elements of realistic racing mechanics.

    Are linear games bad: No. It's a type of game. That's like saying platformers are bad just because you like RPGs. Linear does not equal bad. People can be disappointed if a game is linear because it's not their preference, but that doesn't make it a bad game. And when it comes to expectations (speaking to the discussion around what you may have been expecting based on previous installments) I don't necessarily mind the concept of changing a key game-play mechanic or style in a game, as long as it's made clear for buyers before they purchase. For example, I enjoyed Red Faction: Guerrilla, even though it didn't follow the FPS format of RF 1 & 2.