January 26, 2017

Episode 47: A Look Back at 2016

Steve and Jake talk about games they played in 2016, their personal GOTY picks and a look forward to 2017.

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  1. Jak and Daxter - The first is my favourite in the series, and I think it’s the first game I 100%ed on the PS2
    65 Games completed – That’s great! I completed 28 games not including DLC or replays. It’s not the most I’ve completed in one year, but I did get to spend more time with some of the games than I have with other games in previous years, which was nice. I think that trend will continue for this year.

    Bioshock – That’s too bad that you weren’t into this one. I enjoyed it quite a bit, but hey, I wasn’t big on games like AC2 or Uncharted. Can’t please everyone!

    I thought the Ratchet and Clank game was great too. I wasn’t so big on the movie though. Here are my thoughts on that: http://www.ipernity.com/blog/derelict/4614954

    Thoughts on 2016 Awards:
    - I beat TLOU in 2016 as well, but it’s not earning any GOTY nominations from me. I appreciate it, but I had trouble getting into it.
    - I didn’t have a lot of selections in the categories you had. First Person Shooter for me would be Doom. I only played one real RPG (not a big RPG guy), but if I included action RPGs, and could consider Mad Max in that category, I would go with that. I enjoyed that game quite a bit. Adventure games, I guess I would go with Minecraft.. I think it would fit in that category and although I just beat it in 2016, I’ve been playing it consistently since I think 2014.

    Tangent on action movies – I enjoyed Fury Road, and although I can appreciate an action movie that’s there for just some good ol’ fashion action, there are plenty that make some of the most memorable social commentary. Robocop for example.

    2017 – I’m also interested in what Horizon Zero Dawn will bring, as I am with Nier Automata. I also hope to see the new Spider-man game and Hellblade come out in 2017.

    No one buys a Nintendo System for the 3rd Party games – This may be a chicken and an egg situation. They COULD buy it for the 3rd party games IF they got better 3rd party support. Buying it for Nintendo properties may be more circumstantial for some than it is a real preference.

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