March 31, 2017

Episode 51: Horizon Zero Dawn and Mass Effect Andromeda

Steve give his final thoughts on Horizon Zero Dawn and Jake gives his first impressions on Mass Effect: Andromeda.

We discuss some news, read some listener feedback, dream about the Mass Effect Unified Trilogy and then discuss the top ten moments in the Mass Effect Trilogy.

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  1. RE: "I can't relate, she's a girl!"
    - So would switching the sex of the character and nothing else fix the problem? If yes, then your problem (not YOUR problem, the problem of the person who's saying this) is not an ability to relate to the character. You don't want to relate, you just want to pretend that you ARE the character on the screen. You want to pretend that's you in the magic box. And even if that is the case, then shouldn't girls have the ability to do that sometimes as well?
    - Speaking of girls (and I say girls, as I presume the mentality of a person with these issues isn't interested in women) have you not ever related to one in real life, ever? I mean, how could you relate to a girl about anything if you're not a girl, based on your logic? Relating isn't about being able to pretend that's you.
    - Besides, having new experiences that you can't relate to is how you gain new perspectives. I can't (for example) relate to people suffering from horrible diseases or living conditions because I've been lucky enough to not experience those things. That doesn't mean I shouldn't try to understand the perspective of people that have. Maybe playing as a character in a video that you can't relate to will help you experience new points of view (if the game is written well enough).
    - As for myself, I have a more Sebastian and Atreyu feeling with characters in video games (I'm going to give myself a bonus point for a Neverending Story reference). I think I'm more of a person that sees themselves taking part in a character's adventure than I am believing I'm having the adventure.
    - I also did a video about 4 years ago which is still on my YouTube channel, back when I was still uploading stuff to YouTube, called "I'm Totally Not a Girl" where I spoke to this topic. And like I said in that video, I guess these people also never play as a non-human. I mean, these guys aren't girls, but they're also not aliens, or animals, or inanimate objects, so how could they relate?!
    - The video under 5 mins if you want to check it out, and I call out a few other points too.

    RE: Andromeda cut scenes
    - Nothing new here. People are complaining about something not because of any experience with it or real opinion of it, but because it's the thing that people are supposed to be complaining about right now.

    RE: No Man's Sky
    - I'm glad to see the developer putting effort into it. At the same time, I think they believe they have to if they ever want to sell another game. No one will trust what they put out if they don't show they care about their work, which this is doing.
    - I would still like to try it out, but it's gotta hit a $20 or less price point.
    - I want to try the Last Guardian too, but at same price point. I just think it's hard to say a game has been in development so long and still have issues with the core mechanics, like your dog won't listen to you. Some people say that it's more realistic, suggesting it's supposed to be that way, but if it is supposed to be that way then I think that's dumb.

    RE: friend's TLOU comment
    - Do you know how many better things have happened to me since I played the Last of Us? I stubbed my toe and that was better because that game is shit.
    - Not really, I just wanted to fire up Jake. :)

    RE: Star Craft
    - Original star craft is out for free right now!

    RE: What do you call a unified Mass Effect game?
    - I vote for Massive Effect.

  2. We discuss some news, read some listener feedback, dream about the Mass Effect Unified Trilogy and then discuss the top ten moments in the Mass Effect Trilogy.

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