November 19, 2019

Episode 70: Games, news, and other stuff

Games we play, news that means stuff to us and whatever else we want to talk about.

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  1. I'm back! I know I missed the last few podcasts. It wasn't intentional, it just happened.

    What I'm playing: I've gotten into No Man's Sky: Beyond in VR, which has been my main game as of late. Beyond is my first step into the NMS universe, and I'm glad I'm finally there. I don't know what it was like at launch, but Hello Games must've really put in some effort to bring people the game they were always suppose to have. It's not perfect, but what works has been engrossing for me. It was a slow-grow on me (definitely not instant love), but it has grown on me. I've had a record year of games beat (not 100%ed, but beaten), with a good deal of shorter games, but that has ground to a halt at the end with this one. I've played about 25 hours so far, and I have a lot of game-play ahead of me.

    Leave poor Steve alone. He can play what he wants. ;) Fallen Order is on my Christmas Wish-list too.
    I played the Bioshock Collection on PS4 this year, and it seem to play fine for me. No issues I can recollect.

    I understand the temptation, but If Sony and Nintendo can avoid financing hardware I think it would save them a lot of headaches.

    I've adopted more digital downloads in my library, mostly as a result of digital-only availability for some titles and some great flash-sales, but hard-copy is still my preference. And I always intend to play whatever I buy, and keep only that which I could see being played again sometime in the future. It may not be until I'm in a retirement home, but I would indeed play it again.

    Leave poor Mike alone. "I don't care for the latest Gears of War, and I'm not going back to it." "STOP ACCEPTING EVERYTHING THROWN AT YOU FROM YOUR MEDIA OVERLORDS!" :)

    I will agree that Origins should've been in that collection. It's part of the same story line. Even if it was called the Rocksteady collection, it would have been a dumb trick to use that name to avoid it. I'll throw another one at you too: how does the Jak and Daxter Collection not include Jax X or The Lost Frontier? It's called the Collection, not the Trilogy. They're missing pieces of the collection.

    I'm not interested in Death Stranding myself. Maybe a long time from now when it's super cheap on a flash sale I'll check it out, but I have no interest at the moment. It just doesn't look like my thing.

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