September 6, 2009

This Week in Games: Sep. 6, 2009

I decided to stop doing the monthly update. Too much happens in a month so I'm trying out a weekly update. However, since I didn't do an August update, I will go ahead on bring you up to speed.

I finished two games in August. inFamous (Platinumed it!) and Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (okay, technically I finished Valkyrie Profile on the 1st of September but all it was, was the final boss battle so I'm calling it August). Both are excellent games.
I will say though that I wouldn't necessarily recommend Valkyrie Profile to anyone who's not had a few RPGs under their belts (esp. JRPGs). I played it on normal, and there was some pretty nasty battles, ones that I barely scraped by. For a newcomer, that's not a good intro to RPGs. I've already got a review of inFamous up and I'll hopefully be getting one for VP up soon as well.

I spend a huge chunk of time with a new game this last week, Batman: Arkham Asylum. If you are a fan of the Dark Knight or superhero games in general, you need to play this game. Great story, great presentation, overall, a very good game. I'm going to be giving it a go on Hard soon; need to knock out all those trophies! I need another platinum trophy!

I'm still plugging away at World of Warcraft with my Blood Elf Mage. Got him up to level 20, got his mount, so moving about Azeroth got a lot easier. You can check him out here. The more I learn about the Cataclysm update, the more I like it. It'll be nice to have the Gilneas doors finally open, but I'm still abit iffy about the Worgen as race. Goblins seem a more natural fit as they've been part of the Warcraft world for a while. Course I've been down in the Silverpine Forest of late and there is the Worgen city just outside of Gilneas in Pyrewood Village, so it's not like they just made it up for the new expansion.

And just this weekend, I started playing Kingdom Hearts. I don't know how many times I've started this game only to get distracted by something else. Well, I'm committed this time. I'm about 5 hours already (in Wonderland). I'm not quite sure what to make of it as yet. My only thought has been (thanks to Panzer, or rather, Panzer suggested it after hearing of the 4 billion dollar Disney purchase of Marvel), I wonder if KH3 will mix Disney, Final Fantasy, and Marvel. Could you just see Donald, Sora, and Wolverine fighting side-by-side?

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