December 27, 2009

A Christmas Casualty

Overall, we had a great Christmas this year, everything went pretty smooth (Santa did have to put out Christmas presents by flashlight and candlelight due to a blackout). Kids were happy, Mom and Dad weren't too stressed. However, it didn't go all that well for one individual...

Ever since I picked up my Ezio figure, my poor little Altaïr figure has had a bit of a complex. First off, Ezio is huge, three times the size of Altaïr. Ezio has not one, but two hidden blades. And then there's Ezio's attire. Altaïr's clothing is functional, looks like a scholar, but really isn't all that flashy. Ezio's clothing is top notch. Clearly Ezio's dad was well off to be able to afford such nice threads. And finally, Ezio's clearly much more popular with the ladies. The only ladies Altaïr ever talked to were some poor beggars on the street.

Well, all of this must have been too much for poor little Altaïr as he jumped to his death (or so he thought) Christmas afternoon.

As you can see, he broke his legs, and his arm, but he's still hanging in there.

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