December 4, 2009

Gaming has really gone mainstream

Wow, video games have really gone mainstream.

We've seen ads for video game, tie-ins with fast food, and soft drinks but now we must have hit that all too critical mass.

How do I know? Because Hanes now has a Game in Comfort marketing campaign that is cropping up on some of the gaming websites.

They've even got a gaming commitment:

Hanes is committed to keeping your gaming experience comfortable. We proudly stand behind the superior qualities of each and every Hanes garment, from sweats and t-shirts to socks and underwear, to help you achieve the ultimate in gaming comfort whenever you reach for the controller.

So don’t just in comfort with Hanes!

You know your industry has hit it big when you get your own marketing from an underwear company.

You can hit the link above to check it out and watch the videos of the poor sap who keeps getting schooled due to his non-gaming compliant undergarments.

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