December 2, 2009

UMD add-on for the PSPgo?

Seems a little odd but according to CVG, Logitech is working on one. Interesting really since that kinda defeats the whole purpose of having a PSPgo. However, if they do make a UMD add-on I wonder if it would be possible to rip your UMDs to your PSPgo? I'm sure that Logitech wouldn't include software to do so, but there's always homebrew.

Strange especially since there's rumored to be yet another PSP iteration (PSP-4000?) that will have UMD support.

Sony has said that they are going to support a dual delivery model. I didn't really believe that but if they are really readying a new PSP with UMD support then I guess they really meant it.

I'm a big fan of the PSP, I use mine all the time for on the go gaming as well as my portable MP3 player, with the occasional web surfing thrown in the mix. Removing the UMD on the PSPgo was a stupid decision as it cuts off anyone's existing library (I myself have almost 50 titles) and even if they did find a way to transfer it all, I'd need a ton of space to fit all those games. Plus my digital downloads would have zero resell value, and that just doesn't sit well with me.

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