January 25, 2010

Pach-Attack! comes to GameTrailers

Well this is kind of interesting. Apparently the well-known video games pundit Michael Pachter is no longer satisfied with his usual method of delivering his prognostications. Yesterday, the premier episode of Pach-Attack! went live on GameTrailers.

Michael Pachter seems to have a better handle on the video games market than this guy (a blu-rayless PS3?), so it'll be interesting to see what type of stuff he'll be talking about on his show. After watching the first show one thing that I think will be really nice is a more unbiased view of what the market is doing. I don't have any idea if Pachter even plays video games and for what he's talking about, it's actually kind of irrelevant. So the nice thing here is that I don't think his segments will be tainted with any fanboi opinions.

You can check out Episode 1 of Pach-Attack! here.

There's also something else interesting going on with this. Video games have very few 'stars'. Sure there's a few out there that but even with those names that we know (Will Wright, John Carmack, Cliff Bleszinski, Gabe Newell and others, as well as the talking heads that are out there like Oliva Munn and Geoff Keighley) it pales in comparison to the TV and Movies, yet the video games market is as large as those other markets. So here we have Michael Pachter, already known as an analyst now getting his own show on GT.com. By introducing the video show, it will help propel him into the forefront of gamers minds, and, I would guess, fatten his wallet as he become more recognizable by the media.

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