October 11, 2016

Episode 44: Speculation on the PS5 and Xbox One 2.0

Jake played a bunch of Destiny.  Steve beat a bunch of games and talks about it; Yoshi's Island, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, Halo 5: Guardians, Gear of War: Judgement, and Gears of War Ultimate.  We also talk about some games we are currently playing like Persona 3 and more Gears games. 

We finally address some listener feedback from April (yeah we are slow).  We also discuss the possibility of a PS5 announcement sooner than later.

The GV 10 List returns inspired by Steve's playthrough of Yoshi's Island with some memories of rage quitting games.

Let us know about your rage quite memories!


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  1. I'm back to comment. No sad feelings on my end from before... I just didn't know you're other two podcasts were up since I took a twitter break for about 2 months. Time to catch up.

    Ep 44 comments:
    PS5 - If they launched a PS5 in 2018 that would be 5 years since the PS4 launch, compared to 7 years with the PS3. These gaps would be getting too short for my liking, and everyone seems to be at risk at falling into the same problem that Sega had with too many systems coming out. Things have already been heading down the path of closing the gap between PC and Consoles by taking away from what I like about consoles in the first place (again going back to my personal fav of the PS2) which is also a pain in the ass in my eyes. And the PS4 doesn't even feel like a massive jump to me from the PS3. AND with a shorter life span, that means fewer titles that I may be interested in for any one console in its lifetime, so there's even less reason to have the system in the first place. The concept is more annoying to me than anything.
    Now the PS4Pro isn't this situation, so that's good. On the recent Hart & Usagi Podcast (https://hartarchive.wordpress.com/2016/09/14/hart-usagi-77-ps4-0-pro/) they talked about the pro, and mention the craziness of the pro not having a UHD/4K Blu-Ray, which does sound kind of silly of you're going to put this thing out anyway.

    Frustrating games - I love Ratchet and Clank, but yeah, that last boss in the first game is a mess. It was unfortunate that such a fun experience ended on such a down note for me.
    Jak 2 is always the one that comes to mind first when thinking of games that fall in this category for me. I enjoyed Jak 3 which I think improved on the Jak 2 formula, but the first game is still my favourite. I hate Jak 2. I beat it though. It took me a long time. I'd play, then take a break for 8 months, then play some more, then give up for 6 more months, but eventually I got through it.
    Vexx (also on PS2...lot of PS2 references for me with this podcast) wasn't much better for me. I drudged through the whole thing but gave up on the final boss. I just couldn't take the frustration anymore.
    If you care to check it out, here are a couple of videos of me talking about Jak 2:

    "I'm also better than you." - I think that's from Tron, but I don't think there is a line afterwards. Tron throws his disc after that line and hits Sark in the head... if I remember correctly.

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