December 13, 2017

Episode 57: So Many Games....

Steve and Jake give their final thoughts on Assassin's Creed: Origins, Super Mario Odyssey and Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.  Then we talk about a bunch of other games we are playing.

Listen in, it's good fun!

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  1. Horizon Zero Dawn – I love this game. It’s my GOTY. Regarding resources, I was big on the Tear arrows, and often found myself trying to stock up on Echo Shells so I’d have enough for the next fight (especially later on). For the Frozen Wilds, that seemed to switch to scrounging for Chillwater. My eldest got into it too, and just recently beat the campaign.

    Frozen Wilds – I also found the new enemies tough to deal with, especially until you get the upgrades for the ice rail and that flamethrower thing. It definitely feels like a quest you don’t want to bother with until you hit Level 50, and have the power armor.

    Tomb Raider – The first TR I played was Legend on the PS2. I enjoyed it, but never bothered with any of the other titles for long time. Then I got the PS3 reboot of TR on a flash sale, and although it started rather slow, I enjoyed that one too. Then I had even more fun with Rise of the TR on PS4.

    Lego Dimensions Follow-up – There is an online component with the arena battles in Lego Dimensions, so that may be what they’re talking about in regarding discontinuing support.

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