March 1, 2018

Episode 58: It's Bestiary, not Beastiary

Steve and Jake talk about Doom (4), Nier (the first one), Ys (the remake of the 3rd Ys), Forza MotorSport (the second one) and all the fun things we want to play in 2018.

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  1. Doom
    - HA! I love that description of getting off the airport walk-way thing. Nice.
    - I recently played the expansion packs for Doom 3, having completing the campaign a while ago, and upon visiting the the game this time I realize how much I don't care for it. I find it quite tedious. So many tight corridors making it hard to dodge and strafe, and I just ended up trading blows in many cases. The repetition of the enemies constantly popping up behind you got so old. And I hated not having a map because I did get lost a lot. Especially in-between sessions. Everything looks the same, so when I take a break, and come back later and forget what I'm doing and don't know where I am having no map was a serious pain. And the enemies all have that smooth, bland, almost monochrome look, at least until you get to hell. I'm basically repeating my old review at this point, so if you're interested you can check that out:
    - I had a lot of fun with the recent reboot though. I did a video on that one too.

    - As a whole, I enjoyed the first Nier more than Nier Automata. I didn't bother to get the extra endings in Nier though. I did manage to get endings A, B, C, G, K, and W in Automata.

    - I've already played the PS4 version of Shadow of the Colossus (3 times). It's as fun as ever. I also like the new control scheme more than the old one.
    - God of War: Pre-ordering games is something I rarely do. I did however pre-order this one, because it was on a pre-order sale AND I had a gift card to use. So all-and-all it cost me less than $20. So I'll be playing that when it comes in.
    - Spider-man: I love my Spider-man games, and I like Insomniac, so this has all the pieces to be a lot of fun. Seeing QTEs in the released game-play footage though was not pleasing though. Hopefully it will be out this year.
    - Darksiders 3: I liked the previous two, and although I get the feeling this one may end up being smaller in scope and play a little differently, I'm still looking forward to it at the moment; it looks like it will be fun.
    - Biomutant: I haven't heard that this will be out in 2018, but I am interested in it. I want to see more though.
    - There's not a high volume of games coming out this year that I'm excited for, and I only have the PS4 to work with. I think I will get to spend more time with my existing library, which is not a bad thing. Maybe do a little trophy hunting, maybe even get another Platinum or two (I only have 7 at the moment). Clear up some side-quests or spend time with mini-games in Yakuza 0 (maybe that will get me motivated to play another entry in the series). Things like that.

    Open/Closed World
    - I'm happy to have both. I don't need everything to HAVE to be open world, nor linear. I like having both. They offer up different things, and I appreciate them. I like the variety.
    As for Mirror's Edge Catalyst.... I liked it.

    I am Canadian. Incidentally, you cannot be part-Canadian. You can only be Canadian or sad. ;)