August 29, 2019

Episode 65: Insomniac Get!

Steve and Mike discuss all sorts of stuff on this podcast.  Star Trek themes, studio acquisitions, games we are playing and more.

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  1. - Kids talking to their video games: My youngest used to jabber on a lot while playing video games. I think he was emulating YouTubers and streamers that he would watch. So in his mind, he had an audience watching.

    - Star Wars: Bounty Hunter - I never picked this up for my PS2, but I did end up getting it on PS4. I was quite disappointed with it. I thought the controls were very cumbersome, the camera incredibly unhelpful, and many levels needlessly confusing to navigate.

    - I'm going to side with Mike regarding streaming gaming services versus purchasing, but only because of the arguments that Steve chose to stand on. I would agree that if you're a casual gamer, you get more value out of paying a lower amount (than buying a brand new game each month), and playing whatever's available just to pass some time. If you don't care about collecting, if you don't see yourself replaying a lot, then it makes sense. But that's not me. I like having my physical copies. I like knowing that as long as I have working machine, I can go back to my library and play what I want even if servers are down, even if there's licensing issues. I don't have to put my trust into companies that haven't earned my trust, to always have for me what I want.

    - I wouldn't say no to a new Ratchet and Clank game, but I'm not hoping for one to come out at this point. When you look at All4One, Full Frontal Assault, and the scope of Into the Nexus, I think it's clear that Insomniac was having trouble keeping things fresh. I loved a Crack in Time, and think it's one of the best entries, but I'll live if we don't see another one anytime soon. I think they're a great studio though, and loved the new Spider-man game. I look forward to whatever they come out with next.

    - Killzone. I enjoyed all of the Killzone games, and the first one on PS2 did give me an original FPS experience. As much as I enjoyed them, I have much more love for Horizon, and I think it's great to see Guerrilla games moving on to other things. I did a Killzone 1 vs 3 video about seven years ago if you want to check that out.

    - Microsofts recent purchases. One win I think MS had in their recent purchases is Ninja Theory. I've enjoyed everything of theirs that I have played, and I was sad at the thought they'll now put out Xbox exclusives that I'll miss out on.

    - The Last Jedi. I gotta side with Mike again. I wouldn't call it a great Star Wars movie as a whole, but what they did well was great. I'm sure I've talked about this before, but to summarize, I liked all the decisions they made involving Rey's story in the movie (which includes what happens between her, Luke, and Ren). I also liked that they tried something different in space. It wasn't just another cluster of star fighters zooming around. It was a slower, more tense take on a space chase.

    - As for Moon Knight... I have heard of that character. I think he was in the Web of Shadows game. That's all I really have to say about that. :)

  2. Oh I just saw this! So I didn't respond to any of this in the last cast. I'll make sure to do so!

    1. No worries. :) Check out my comments on Ep 64 too if you missed those!