September 18, 2019

Episode 66: Controlling Gears

Gears 5 has released and Mike gives us his first impressions.  That along with Control the new game from Remedy.  We also talk about our adventures in console acquisitions.

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  1. - I enjoyed Hellblade quite a bit. It's a captivating experience. Some people didn't like the combat, but I did.

    - I'm just find with linear games, and I'm fine if fun games keep the formula as long as it's still fun. God of War though... after, what, 7 games, yeah, it was ready for something else. If not a change in game-play style, then a new setting and characters. Ascension was good, but also like I was just going through the motions. The time-puzzles were the best part, but too few and far between. As for using the open-world formula, Horizon Zero Dawn is still a favourite of mine.

    - I did buy another console this past month... my 3rd PS2. You can never have enough PS2s.

    - I don't play sports games. I think sports games peaked for me with Blades of Steel. Before that, it was Baseball on the Intellivision. Not too much in between or after.

    - Gears. Spider. Ratch. Ass. H. All those franchises.

    - I played Borderlands 2 on PSVR; it was fun. Not amazing for me, but fun. I had a good 7 years between playing the first and the second and I needed it. Like the 2nd, after I was done playing it, I enjoyed my time with it, but had enough of it.

    - I like those weird peripherals. I know a lot of them are gimmicky, but sometimes gimmicks are fun! Even the Eye Toy was at least interesting. I'm enjoying the PSVR, which we just got this year. It didn't take me long for me to lose interest in Beat Sabre though. It's just not my thing. My eldest on the other hand is doing levels at Expert difficulty.

    - As for the rest of 2019, Doom Eternal is set to release, and I'm interested to see how Darksiders Genesis comes out.