January 3, 2010

Games of the year

When I look back at 2009, I see a great year in gaming. Below I’ll go into a little detail on my favorites. My rules are simple. I’m picking platform exclusives, cross platform titles, and an overall game of the year. I didn’t put any meaningful time into Wii or DS so I don’t have any entries for them.

PlayStation 3: Uncharted 2. I loved everything about Drake’s second adventure, even when it took its loopy turn towards the end. Naughty Dog knocked it out of the park with this one. Shows what the PS3 is capable of in the hands of a real developer.

Runner-up: inFamous. Sucker Punch’s game not only was one of the best superhero games I’ve played but a damn good open world one at that. My biggest gripe was that I couldn’t get into the evil campaign and stopped halfway through it.

Xbox 360: Halo 3: ODST. In the valley of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. Lean year for 360 exclusives but ODST stood out thanks in part to a decent campaign and the awesome firefight mode.

Runner-up: None

PlayStation Portable: Resistance Retribution. An excellent addition to the Resistance franchise, this game really surprised me. I went into it thinking it would be a nice diversion but I actually found myself liking the Grayson character more than Hale. I’m anxiously waiting for a sequel or a PS3 version.

Runner-up: None

Cross Platform: Batman Arkham Asylum. Being a huge fan of the Bat, this game was very nearly my overall game of the year. I loved the voice acting, story, and the simple but deep combat system. You really felt like you were the Dark Knight and that no matter what Joker threw at you, you were still the toughest S.O.B. in the room.

Runner-up: Assassin’s Creed 2. I really liked its story but it never clicked with me the way Batman did. I will say that I’m eager to see where the franchise goes from here.

Overall Game of the year: Uncharted 2. For me, this game is unmatched in gameplay, graphics, and presentation this generation. Not only is the campaign fun and compelling but it also boasts some great multiplayer features while maintaining its high quality visuals.

Those are my favorites for 2009, I’d love to see and read about yours.

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