January 3, 2010

Holiday bounty

Now that the holiday season is over, I can begin to plan my gaming in 2010 and I see no better place to start than with the titles I received for Christmas this year.

Borderlands - I had been iffy on this one but kept hearing great things about it. I feel like I should wait on this one for a co-op partner as I hear that's where all the fun is at.

FEAR 2 - This FPS came to me from Gemini and may jump to the top of my list. The reviews were solid and the demo I played was pretty entertaining.

Prey - Duncan sent me this, twice actually. It should be fun with its use of portals and spirit walking.

Dead Space - I loved this when I first played it on 360. I look forward to another run on PS3. I'm glad I dl'ed the free suit DLC back at launch.

MotorStorm: Pacific Rift - This will be my go to game of 2010. Whenever I'm between titles, I'll hit this to cleanse the pallet.

Resident Evil 5 - This one is tough. Should I play through it now as it is or should I wait for Sony to implement motion controls and then make a go?

So that's six great games to get me started with. I wonder how many I can finish before God of War 3 drops in March?

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