March 1, 2010

Just when you think a corner has been turned...

Apparently Sony must have felt they'd been getting too much good press. Sales had been up, they had the game of the year, and God of War III is set to descend upon us.

So imagine my surprise last night when my rock, my ever reliable PS3, decided to party like it was 1999, December 31, 1999 to be exact. I thought it was odd that my system clock said that so I manually adjusted it and threw in Killzone 2 only to get an odd trophy error followed by a series of PSN 8001050F errors. So I jump onto the net and see Joystiq's post about the bug. After that I turned off my PS3, afraid to check and see if any of my trophies had been wiped.

I'm so tired of the foul ups this generation. Does anyone even have a QA department anymore?

At least my latest 360 is still working.

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